COACHES - Frequently Asked Questions



Q: My yearbook needs pictures of my team.  How do I get them?

A: Our standard procedure is to provide the head coach at the photo shoot with a CD of groups, squads and/or mugs approximately 20-30 minutes after the photo shoot, on that same day.  Time will vary, depending on  how many photos need to be downloaded and burned to your CD.  And/or, we can connect directly with your yearbook staff via, a website that allows us to upload large photo files for direct download to a different computer – at no cost to anyone.  If these methods of yearbook photo delivery are not ideal for you, please speak to our office and we will accommodate your specific needs to the best of our ability.

Q: Do you provide props, sports equipment or uniforms?

A: We do not provide props, sports equipment or uniforms. We do bring posing bleachers as standard equipment if they are needed for the shoot.

Q: How can I get mug shots, sponsor pictures, thank you cards, calendars, posters or any other special order?

A: Every shoot is different. Please inform us of your specific needs when you schedule so that we can be prepared on photo day.

Q: How far in advance do I need to schedule my pictures?

A: We prefer two weeks notice at least, but if our calendar permits you can call us to schedule as late as one week before the date you’d like to book.  We do not double-book under any circumstances; the time you schedule with us is yours alone and you will not be bumped from it to accommodate any other team.  If you cannot keep our appointment, please call us as soon as you know so that we can free the timeslot for other shoots.

Q: Do I need to call you if I can’t have the pictures taken on the day I scheduled?

A: Please call us to reschedule right up until the last minute if you are unable to make it for any reason, so we can notify our photographer. We do not double-book, so the time you reserve is yours alone. In most cases, we can immediately accommodate your schedule with a more preferable date if you call us as soon as you know you are unable to make the original scheduled time/date.

Q: How do I submit original graphics to print on my photos?

A: There are many different ways to do this. We try to make it as easy on you as possible while getting the best quality image to start with. The better the image is to begin with, the better it will be once it’s done. Sometimes we may photograph an image on a t-shirt or hat the day of the shoot. We can take pictures of any banners or images practically anywhere on your campus. We can find an image online and enhance it to create a custom logo exclusively for our use on your photos. You can email us as large an image as possible to  . We do prefer that you submit logos in a digital form, for the sake of detail clarity, however we will accept hard copies/photo copies so long as all detail is clear and the image is large enough to fill the page.  Please call our office with any questions, or discuss options with the person who schedules your photo shoot when you call for an appointment.

Q: Can I schedule consultation time with the graphic artist?

A: Due to the sheer volume of our workflow, in order to meet our quality standards and turnaround time, we are unable to offer private consultations with the graphic artist under any circumstances. Please discuss graphics options with the photographer on the day of the shoot, or call our office in advance and someone will be more than happy to discuss options with you.

Q: When should I expect to see proofs?

A: Due to the sheer volume of our workflow, in order to meet our quality standards and turnaround time, we are unable to offer proofs under any circumstances. Please discuss graphics options with the photographer on the day of the shoot, or call our office in advance and someone will be more than happy to discuss options with you.

Q: Can I get photos reprinted with the team stats when my season is over if they already have been printed?

A: We are entirely digital.  Because we do not offer gold stamping on our photos, it is not possible to add more graphics to photos which have already been printed. Please let your photographer know if you would like your group photo(s) held in our lab until the end of your season, so that we can include your final team stats in the graphics. Our standard delivery time for held photos is 2-3 weeks after you provide the final stat information to our office, unless there is a specific date eg. a banquet, that you must have them for.  If the banquet date is very close to the date you call us to take the photos off hold, we will do our best but cannot guarantee that they will be back for your banquet.  Please call us as soon as you know your final stats so we can start the process of getting the photos to you.

Q: How will photos be delivered? Do you mail them to individual homes?

A: Under most circumstances, photos will be delivered as a complete order to a location specified by the coach or contact, usually a front office or school athletic office. We do not mail photos ordered on the photo date to individual homes unless you make arrangements on the day you call to schedule your shoot. We do have order envelopes that include mailing/packaging fees, and they would need to be used instead of our standard envelope.  We cannot provide individual package mailing unless arrangements have been made with us at the time you schedule your photo shoot.  Photos ordered through our online service at will be mailed by that company directly to the address that they provide at the time of their online order.

Q: Does my staff get any complimentary group photos?

A: We do offer complimentary photos to the coaching staff, front office, athletic office etc.  This will vary according to how many students purchase photos on photo day, and according to your specific needs.  The photographer will ask about your needs after the shoot is finished, that same day.  We do all we can to accommodate all reasonable comp. requests so please feel free to ask.

Q: How much time do I have to report missing photos?

A: We allow a 6 month grace period for paid packages/photos that were not received.  After 6 months, we will no longer print missing photos.  Please check your package carefully.

Q: What do we do if a coach or student is missing on photo day?

A: If our minimum requirements are reached for adding people into the group photo, we will add missing individuals for the Varsity photo ONLY.  We will insert a single person into the Varsity photo.  We must be informed of the missing person before the group photo is taken.  If the shoot does not meet our requirements to add a person to the group photo, or if there is a second person that needs to be added, there will be an additional $150 charge.  If a student is put into the photo, they are required to purchase a package 3 or package 4, payable only with cash or money order on the day we come out to shoot their photo for the group.  We do not schedule multiple days to shoot photos to put into the group – everyone missing from the photo must show up on the same day at the same time for the add-in shoot.  Add-in shoots are limited to no more than 15 minutes.